Getting To HAKUBA

Direct from Haneda Airport

Ranking #1 with our guests flying into Haneda….
Chuo Taxi seems to be the most convenient, preferred way to get to the House, at ¥12,900 per person.
Chuo Taxi will meet you at the airport and drop you at the House. Approx 5 hrs door to door.


Chuou Taxi

Ask for us.

Other from Haneda airport route are

1.limousine bus From Haneda airport. to Shinjuku
– Adult ¥1,230 *Early morning & early night ¥2,000 *one way
– Children ¥620 *Early morning & early night ¥1,000 *one way

Shinjuku station east bus stop 24.

Detail info…Chek the web site.

PDF limousine bus Schedules
Midnight & Early Morning Haneda Airport Access Bus Schedules

limousine bus link

2.Highway bus from Shinjuku to Hakuba.
– Adult ¥4,850 one way

Depature(Shinjuku)-Arrival(Hakuba Happo)

3.JR Chuou line limited express train AZUSA from Shinjuku to Hakuba.

– Adult ¥7,780 (Ticket total cost include limited express ticket)
– Required time 4hWe will pick you up at the Bus Hakuba Station or Hakuba Happo Bus terminal and take you to the House. 5 mins.

4.JR Nagano Shinkansen From Tokyo to Nagano.
– Adult ¥7,700 (Ticket total cost include limited express ticket)

and Bus from Nagano to Hakuba Happo bus terminal
– Adult ¥1,500
goggle map for Bus stop to HAKUBA.

Bus stop is the front of the post office.

Please Check This your plan.
*Last bus time to HAKUBA19:45PM


Car- Driving from Tokyo To Hakuba…
Route option 1
-Take the Chuou expressway to the Okaya junction, then onto the Nagano Expressway following signs for Nagano. Exit at Azumino and follow signs to Omachi/Hakuba on route 147/148.
Route option 2
-From the Shuto Expressway follow signs for the Gaikan/Kanetsu Expressway, follow the Kanetsu Expressway to Fujioka, then take the Joshinetsu Expressway and follow the signs for Nagano
Exit Nagano and follow the signs for Hakuba on Route 19.Please refer to our Location Map