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Hakuba Guide & Information

Hakuba is probably best known for its 1998 Winter Olympic fame, and as the Alpine Skiing Capital of Japan. Whilst Hakuba has developed into a world class skiing resort, as a destination, Hakuba has so much more to offer….
Hakuba is the perfect place for a winter break ski/snowboarding holiday, …a day trip, …a weekend break, ….a week’s holiday, …even a whole season, ….or as some choose, ….the rest of a lifetime!
Come join us in Hakuba, experience some of the magic of waking up to stunning mountain views, blue skies, and refreshing summer days

Getting To HAKUBA

Direct from Narita Airport….click on the links for more detailed info.

Ranking #1 with our guests flying into Narita….

Chuo Taxi seems to be the most convenient, preferred way to get to the House, at ¥13,900 per person.
Chuo Taxi will meet you at the airport and drop you at the House. Approx 5 hrs door to door.


Ask for us for Chuou Taxi booking.

Other direct from Narita options are;

Bus costs are about ¥9,500 to ¥10,000 per person Approx 5 hrs (Dec19 to March 7)
We will pick you up at the Bus Station and take you to the House. 5 mins

Other options through Tokyo are;

Bullet Train & Bus …3.5 to 4 hrs approx ¥10,000 per person

-Narita Express to Tokyo Station 1hr
-Asama Shinkansen to Nagano Train Station, 1.5 hrs
-Alpico Bus to Happo Bus Station…60 to 70 mins (note: no late night bus service)
We will pick you up at the Bus Station and take you to the House. 5 mins

Normal Train 5-6 hrs

Narita Express to Shinjuku Station, 80 mins
Chuo Limited Express – Super Asusa from Shinjuku to Hakuba
(Note: direct to Hakuba train runs only twice daily)
We will pick you up at the Train Station and take you to the House. 8 mins